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Brent, my wife and I saw you as John Adams in "1776" on Broadway some years ago. It was a wonderful and heartfelt performance.

  • What did you do (or do you do) to prepare for stage roles vs. film roles?
  • Did you do any research about John Adams or the signing of the Declaration for your role in the play?

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It's a solution looking for a problem. Yes, you can use it as a database, but it's a really inefficient one.

As far as being a "distributed ledger," sure. But what's the point of that? Ledgers have been around since the time of Hammurabi. And they seem to work just fine.

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Yeah that's odd

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Vet here. All I can tell you is that we could use people with your determination and fire! Also: though you didn't serve in the military, you might be able to find another way to serve others - maybe by just being a role model.

Keep posting videos, Scott, and hopefully some kid with CP (or some other disability) will be inspired by you.