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All hail Jonah and his pet whale!

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That's a good answer.

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I think you can sell a gun to anyone in Missouri (citizen or not) if you're a private part - I'm not a lawyer. IIRC, you cannot sell pistols to non-Missourians if you are a dealer.

I'm in Missouri, so I'll share my thoughts on guns and politics (maybe it'll help, maybe not). If people really wanted to curb murder by guns, they would ban pistols shorter than a certain length. Look at the FBI stats. Most people murdered are murdered by pistols. Rifles are waaaaay down on the list. I think this is because murder is a crime of passion and convenience. This is clear from the FBI stats. The order of murder goes from most convenient to least convenient (pistols 47%, other 12%, knives 11%, human body 4%, rifles 2%, shotguns 2%). Other was once broken into club weapons and poison IIRC.

If someone is mad and has a pistol, they might murder someone else. If they don't have a pistol, they have to be really mad to murder someone with a knife (which they might have on them), even madder to kill them with a hammer or blunt object (which could be laying around). Then finally, if they are really mad, they might beat someone to death. After all those methods, you eventually get to rifle and shotgun. Why? Because no one carries a rifle or shotgun with them.

When I see people say we should change laws concerning assault rifles, I just assume they don't know the facts or are only acting emotionally.

Good luck with the run!

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Wow, that really sucks. I'm so sorry. Are you doing ok now (emotionally)? Will you make anything from the documentary? Do you forgive the judges? Has your mom gotten over it? So many questions, but this is just something I've never heard of before.

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First, what you did for him is amazing and inspiring. Second, how much does an arm cost to make and have you considered starting a prosthetic company if the cost is cheap? <thinking about you being able to drive costs down on an otherwise expensive industry>