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ProfessorPaulKrugman1172 karma

I've told my family that if I do die, I want my tombstone to say "My only regret is that I died."

ProfessorPaulKrugman237 karma

It is obvious we need to replace all farms with golf courses. Instant budget surplus!

ProfessorPaulKrugman199 karma

The truth in 13 words. Well said. Don't any other Californians wonder why the rice farmers constantly have those commercials explaining that they aren't a water intensive crop and that they provide habitats for birds!?

ProfessorPaulKrugman95 karma

Mmmmm, give me that Futurama any time of the day... I'll just eat it up.

ProfessorPaulKrugman26 karma

If only you had been a community organizer... just think of the possibilities!