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No I do not believe it is reasonable Belisariusissimus. This was being suggested as certain law schools with very very low pass rates and the idea was to save the school's pass rates by having those students in the lower portions of the class not take the exam at all. We believe if the law school took your money and accepted you, they have a responsibility to try to help you pass the exam and become an attorney. Anything else is likely unethical. There is plenty that law schools can do for those students who they fear are in danger of failing the bar exam - we have worked with several law schools specifically to help their students who are at risk at failing. We also are hired currently by The Legal Aid Society in NYC to prepare all their employees who failed the first time to pass on their next try. This is what an organization does when they care about the future and careers of their students/employees - not give up on them.

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Amen human_behind_screen! You are right - this is the single most important thing for many retaker students, as we well know. Just make sure that the tutor you are assigned is trained, experienced and is more than just an admitted lawyer looking to make a few extra bucks!

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Hi CaptainLawyerDude, The reality is that the bar exam is just a test - those people who are naturally good at taking tests have a much easier time passing. This is why students who got high LSAT scores usually have high MBE scores. The students at the top of ther law school classes pass at a 90% or better rate and those at the bottom pass at a 30% rate typically on the first try. So not knowing how to take a mutiple choice exam under timed pressure is the number one problem. It is not usually about how much law a student knows.

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Hi nopicsplox, It sounds like you are correct - your bombed practice exam hit you hard and you are now feeling the effects whenever you do practice questions. We do not have any specific information that Themis last few exams are harder but we urge you to take a step back and realize that practice is just that - practice. Nothing matters except for how you do on the actual exam. Look to see -are you doing anything differently now than you were before you did poorly on that practice exam? If you are interested, we have very experienced tutors that could work with you for a couple of hours and help you to get your confidence back. That is an intangible part of the process. In any case, remember that you just need to push past this and focus on memorization and application - the rest is just in your head right now.

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Hi proleteriate, At this point, assuming you are taking the July exam, you need to do both but practice is more important. Sometimes making up the rules is not the worst thing. Remember you get the majority of points in your essays from your analysis and your application of the rules to the given fact pattern. So even if you get the law wrong, you can still get a passing score on an essay. I would say practice essays (under timed conditions) and then spend the time to go over the model answer or sample answer given in detail - this way you will essentially be doing both writing and studying at the same time