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Hey, guys!

Troy, what was it like working with Irrational as Booker as opposed to Joel with Naughty Dog? Any differences/similarity in their directing style and approach to the creative process?

Do you guys feel that mo-cap acting goes unrecognized by most? Watching the Grounded documentary, the acting and emotion was top-notch and it should be like in one those huge Hollywood awards shows as a category.

Thank you for your time!

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Hey! A few questions for you guys!

What are your thoughts on virtual reality gaming? (Ex/ Oculus Rift or Sony's upcoming VR project.)

Are there any video games you first played that really inspired you to get into the industry? Why?

This one is from a friend: Will the whole gang (Nathan, Elena, Sully) make a return to UC4?

BONUS QUESTION: Who would win in a fist fight: Drake or Joel?

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What was used to make the sound when Titanfall occurs? I love that sound. It sounds like a dubstep beat is about to drop!

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Thank you for your time!

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Nolan, what are your top five favorite video games of all time? Any platform, any era.