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So that explains why Egoraptor seems to have replaced pretty much all of his animation projects with Game Grumps. It's a real shame, I love the YouTube animation scene, including your videos.

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Didn't really seem like it worked for Bernie, though.

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Having ran a private server, I can confirm that it exists. There's nothing really on it though. A few trees, a largeish house, a small dock, and that's about it. The island exists just as a place for GMs to remain physically logged into the game while remaining separate from all of the players. Given that GMs are only there to do work, the island is unfortunately not a magical fantasy environment full of game-breaking distractions.

I should note that it's also impossible for players to swim there. While GM Island is stored on the same map as the Kalimdor continent, there is a lot (and I mean a lot) of empty space between it and the edge of the main map. Basically, if the fatigue doesn't kill you, you will eventually reach the edge of the water, a straight line with an impenetrable invisible wall that stretches across its length. Past that is simple nothingness, all you can see is the skybox. It is physically impossible for your character to move through that space, as there is no map data. Past that zone, however, is a floating chunk of land that is home to GM Island.

It was once possible back in the early days of Vanilla to hijack a zeppelin through a client-side exploit. The zeppelin would fly in its usual course, but your game client could spoof the location it travels to, allowing you to fly to GM Island. Players who went there were easily caught and the bug was fixed soon after, though.

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From what OP said, I think it's just to help highlight the psychological processes behind it. Are you actually attracted to men, or are you just attracted to the idea of it?

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I think they're trying to say 'broad children', not 'school board'. My guess is that they wanted to sound smarter, so they looked up 'fat' in a thesaurus and found 'broad' but lacked the fluency to know that the two have contextual differences.