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Oh Haliaeetus leucocephalus, you majestic motherfucker.

Fun story: I was once doing a rafting/fishing trip in Alaska that was quite...boozy. Around 11 am and we're all barely there on tequila. We have three rafts and we're blasting Credence Clearwater. We turn around a bend and a bald eagle flies from its nest, grabs a greyling, lands on the bank, and stares at us triumphantly. My guide says "that's why the terrorists hate us, boys, they hate our freedom-salute the damn eagle". We all did, and the one mexican dude who was with us who was passed out on the edge of the raft, with one hand sort of dragging a bottle in the water raised his head and said "viva la revolution!" then fell back asleep.

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Why didn't you take a picture of a bald eagle instead? Do you hate America Unidan?

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Is that the difference between a Michelin three star French chef, and what you, Adria, and Achatz are doing....sort of old guard vs New? Philosophical differences?

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This WAS the job of the news media before they turned to garbage.

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So, it's like the Iberico ham of fish? That's phenomenal. I have to add that to my food bucket list.