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ProbablyMyRealName8 karma

I like the chopped salads, but I feel like every sandwich artist hates me when I order them. Most of them sigh and then reluctantly go get the bowl and the curved chopper thing. Do you hate to make the salads? Am I being a jerk for ordering them?

ProbablyMyRealName2 karma

I was afraid of that. My life philosophy is "Don't be an Asshole", so I may just have to stop ordering those now that I know it makes someone's day worse. Thanks for the answer!

ProbablyMyRealName1 karma

I am in salt Lake County. I want my vote to be shown as in-person. We live in unprecedented times.

ProbablyMyRealName1 karma

I’m in Utah. Can I get my mail-in ballot, fill it out at home, then take it to my polling place and hand it directly to the official? Will that be counted as an in-person vote, or a mail in vote? Is there any difference between my mailed ballot and the one I would receive at the polling place? I’ve voted by mail the last several times, but am concerned this year that mail in votes could be eventually thrown out after a court battle. I want my vote to be counted as “in-person”.

ProbablyMyRealName1 karma

It’s fair to say we’re excited. Thanks for doing what you do!