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"Hey guys, hypothetically, if you were going to get your ex murdered, how would you go about doing it? I'm just saying, guys. I'm just saying."

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Why does Comcast get to throttle my Netflix?

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"Well, hypothetically, you would be looking at at least $5000 for me to... I mean..."

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Definitely the most literal.

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You guys say you are non-partisan, but yet on your home page is this link. While I agree, don't you think it's a little disengenious to put the entire blame on the current administration when the democrats have made a concerted effort to remove the Green Party off the ballot in multiple states?

E: National board is a bunch of old white neolibs with a smattering of light diversity. Non-partisan my ass.

E: Any time a political organization claims to be non-partisan, you need to scrutinize it because the majority of time it isn't.