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PrizmSchizm15 karma

Is there anything I can do as a PA citizen to help the cause?? I know that Lancaster Conservancy has done a lot of good work in regards to ecological restoration and water quality monitoring, and they have people whose jobs are to help inspect and improve farms. But I also know that they too have trouble getting the Amish to comply (and I'm sure it's not JUST the Amish, given that LancCo has a large amount of protected farmland).

I've always heard people complaining about the Susquehanna around here, but I'm from Pittsburgh so it seemed silly to me until I learned about all the trouble it's causing for the Chesapeake Bay. Thank you for everything you're doing to help save the bay!!!

PrizmSchizm3 karma

Thank you so much for all the resources! I have volunteered with the Lancaster Conservancy before and I definitely want to get back into watershed projects, hopefully someday on a career level. That said, Earth can't wait so I will share these tips until then!! Thanks again!!!!