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Pandora/Panama papers concern mostly private wealth structures (stuff natural persons set up for their savings). The corporate tax rate you refer to has little impact on such structures. It is however a hige topic for large transnational corporations.

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Do you actually read any real news outlet or are you only on Facebook?

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Look up FATCA.

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Pretty much. Some people compare Fatca to a cult where banks rat each other out to the IRS. And the IRS doesn’t fucks around. Just ask the Swiss banks - the famous Swiss Banking Secrecy was lifted very fast once the US Moved in. The attorney general started a criminal investigation against Wegelin, at the time the oldest Swiss bank. The moment the investigation was launched all other banks immediately stopped all transactions with Wegelin which was the end of it. Wegelin doesn’t exist anymore.

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Do you really expect people like Putin or the King of Jordan to step down/get arrested?