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Hi RJ, Thanks for being such a great example and role model in promoting diversity in the industry, it is much needed. My questions are:

1) How long do you think it will take for disabled actors to be accepted as the norm in film and TV (presuming hopefully it will happen), and what would that look like for you ideally?

2) Do you think with how far TV has come in terms of the amount of critically acclaimed interesting and diverse roles being written, it is a better place at the moment for disabled people and other minorities than the film industry generally?

Priscilla8512 karma

Great question it's also makes me think how many able-bodied actors do disabled roles just because it would give them lots of kudos and possibly an award nomination. And is that partly what stops disabled people getting disabled roles because producers think it would be better to cast an able-bodied actor for that very reason, because I can't think of many award-winning/nominated disabled actors apart from Peter Dinklage. Just a thought.