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Her opinion of why she did not choose abortion is not simply right or wrong, it's HER decision to make. OP is being true to herself and if she had made that choice, she would be the one suffering, not any one of us.

Your beliefs are your beliefs and that is respectable. Please share why you believe them, just don't shove those ideals and expectations on to other people.

This goes for all the posts speaking of how her view of why she did not have an abortion is "wrong".

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Mr. Beagle, thank you for making my childhood delightful and full of magic by allowing the release of The Last Unicorn as a movie in 1982. It Is hands down my favorite animated film and was written and animated so beautifully. I now have a DVD copy which I cherish. It still holds up after all these years. Now to my question:

I saw there is a live action adaptation that you are doing in Canada. I see the website states that through 2016 there will be screenings via movie theater available to the USA. Do you have future plans to bring the live action performance to the states?

Good luck to you in this endeavor. I hope a new generation of fans is born into this mystical world.

If you have time for an additional question: how was it that you fell in love with the unicorn? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Pastor Frank,

Why do you think people get so stuck on judging one another, forgetting that it was said that "you will be judged by the measure you judge" AND that Jesus Himself said literally, "if you follow no other commandment, love your brother as you love yourself"?

I know it's a selfish society, and I'm no angel here either, but people are so quick to forget these things and grab onto an elitist mentality to be better than so&so. Again, no perfection here, I can slum it with the worst of them, but I know God knows I will fail, which is why He sent Jesus to take up all my failures.

Thanks for doing this AMA. I'm glad to have people like you out there, fighting for the ethical treatment of humans, instead of "let's judge everyone that thinks differently than our church does."

Edit: added parentheses and if/of

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Ah, sorry for the oversight on my part and thanks for answering.

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Ah, my straightedge is showing. Really just looking to kill side effects 1 & 2 and manage ADHD without being on a drug with ridiculous side effects. Thanks again for the info and the time.