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This response reminded me of a documentary I saw years ago about a man with a 7 second long memory.

Can you imagine??? Goodness. Anyway, he was married before his memory loss but for him, he either greets her as if he hasn't seen her in years or he feels like he is meeting her for the first time

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That gave me chills for some reason O_O

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Clever retort, but to be fair, he said he was African, not American :)

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As someone who is trying to find their footing in webcomics, how long did it take you to gain a big enough following on Webtoons to earn you ad revenue? Or did you already have a following that followed you to Webtoons?

I post my comic weekly and market it on social media... What else can you recommend to someone like me who has a small following for my comic and trying to build it?


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That is so beautiful