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PrincessPeach306 karma

I know you can't give medical advice but are there rare GI disorders that don't show up on the standard tests? I'm on month 6 of urgency within 45 mins of eating. My gastro is running out of ideas, and I'm losing hope. I have have ibs-d for 20yrs but this is completely different.

PrincessPeach301 karma

Both my brother and myself just recently received a diabetes diagnosis. Mine a year ago and his this week. Both of us have been given little to no help as an younger adult and learning to eat again. I took the class and was the youngest person in my group. I had amazing success on Rybelsus but to go through the approval process is hard. Not only that but Ozempic isn't covered at all. Is there a reason companies are not targeting this demographic with education and assistance?