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My mother had a heart attack about a month ago. She had bypass surgery. The surgeon told my her heart and arteries were calcified. After they were done they started her heart but it stopped. They went back in to check the work and inserted a device that is apparently a balloon that sits next to the heart and helps blood go into the heart. A few days later it was removed. She was getting better slowly but with many complications. She ate food on her own and walked a few feet. But then she stopped eating. She hasn't walked in a week. Now she's on a feeding tube and suffering from depression. So so much more has happened to her. I'm devastated. The doctor says she has heart failure. Every Doctor and nurse I talked to say different things like she'll get better we just need to wait. I'm scared. She's a single mother and I'm am only child. I don't know what to ask I just want her to get better but I feel like we've stopped going forward. I guess I just want to know if she'll be able to come home? I know you don't know but I'm desperate

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Thank you. I'm visiting now.

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I wish you all the best! I don't believe this treatment was to break up the calcium. This balloon sits outside the heart and inflates and deflates reacting to her heart to help the blood fill the heart. This went on for days then they turned it down to every second beat, then removed it.

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Thank you for your kind words and the work you do. Along with all the other Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Care givers, Social workers, Hospital staff and everyone else involved in offering support and comfort to the Patients and families. Such a tremendous effort is put forth. Words will never be enough. It is very much appreciated!! Thank you!!!