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Rogan is a goof for sure, but I would love to see the two of them shoot the shit about the movie industry and MeToo etc. That would be a conversation for the ages. Maybe he could go on to promote the book?

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Bret covered Sorry to Bother You in detail on his last Podcast episode

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Hey Bret,

Big fan of the podcast and your work over the years. Are you able to share anything about the Hulu LTZ series? So excited to see that done right. The cast looks great!

P.S. - Did you and Todd ever get to Sharp Objects? I'd be interested to hear your take on that one if you got through it.

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I truly hope we get a great Glamorama movie one day

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How do you feel about Michael Haneke's body of work, in general? I recently watched The Seventh Continent for the first time and was blown away by how strong his early films are. The White Ribbon might be his best.