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mic drop

I really appreciate this post. I bet a ton of people were starting to second guess themselves after reading such a confidently stated and seemingly genuine post. THIS was a good example of media literacy and should be what these experts are actually showing examples of. Keep fighting the good fight WOO!!

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As somebody has been in the alcohol dependent category and knows many others that still are, I would say if the person does have a problem it's more likely than not that they will get angry and defensive if you raise a concern about their drinking. Unfortunately, addiction is a gnarly beast and will overpower the kindest, gentlest souls and twist and gnarl them into whatever it needs to be in order to protect the bad habit.

I don't want to discourage anybody from talking to people they care for about their alcohol problems, because they absolutely need all the support and help they can get, but I just wanted to really highlight that someone you've known your entire life can become a whole other person when their addiction gets threatened.

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Definitely :) It is VERY difficult to truly know the dregs of despair full blown alcohol addiction can bring on. It can be so painful helping people you care for out of the pit they've found themselves in, and doubly so when they lash out at you for just trying to help. But they will absolutely remember everything you did for them if they make it through the other side!

Thanks for the work you do, it isn't easy!!