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I see what you did there.....

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I am a Yup'ik, which is a type of Eskimo. I am not Inuit.

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I would melt.

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I now live in a city, where there are cars, and big buildings and trees. I never have to wear my fur parka, and the winters never get below zero..EVER. Growing up we never had trees, cars, tall buildings, and there are no roads in or out of the village.

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My first concert with bajillions of people was actually on the 5th of January. I was shaking, and terrified of how huge the arena was, how many people there were, and I saw my very first celebrity. I don't remember much of seeing my first tree, car or whatever else, because I was really little and would fly a lot from the village to Anchorage to visit my grandma who lived in Anchorage. I do remember them ordering pizza from pizza hut, and being fascinated that you could just pick up a phone and ask for pizza. Turns out it doesn't work in the village.