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Oh! And then there was a mom who brought her 14 year-old daughter and friend and had them dressed as French prostitutes. Short red satin dresses with black lace gloves and 4 inch heels. The daughter was crying all day. After the photos were released, the bride called asking if we could photoshop a smile on all of the photos of her daughter because she ruined her wedding day...

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My favorite is a 20 year-old bride who got so messed up on pills and alcohol that she had to have both parents walk (or hold her up) down the aisle. When the ceremony was over and they were walking out, she said to the groom, "You're going to have to hold me up. I can't walk."

The best part? She was dry heaving in her wedding dress and was told to leave. Wedding only. No reception.

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Oh my. My favorite thing to do after a big wedding/drunken reception is to sit in the office with my boss and drink wine and laugh at all the wretched photos we have captured!

I had a wedding where the ex wife of the groom was the bride's maid of honor.

Also had one wedding where the groom and his mother were a little too close. Like Norman and Norma Bates style.

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YES! Well, it is not legal in our state, but we offer commitment ceremonies at our venue. We have done one off-site so far and we have our first on-site this year! I am very excited for it.

My favorite part is probably the reception. That is play time with people and lights. Plus people-watching is top-notch during a reception with a bar.

I do get bored during the receptions because you can only capture people Wobbling and grinding on each other so many times....

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Not yet. There was a Disney themed wedding a year before I started. The guy directing traffic had to wear Mickey Mouse hands.