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Things are looking good as of right now. My numbers are fluctuating but my body is taking the chemo very well on day 4

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When I first got to the hospital I was having panic attacks, reactions to different medications, and I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Everything flipped in less than a week. It’s been about 5 days now and I think I’m still in denial but I know that in the end whatever is meant for me, will work out. Having friends and family to talk to helps a lot

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Yes :) my parents have both been staying with me. My dad had cancer a couple years ago and he hasn’t even been in remission three years now. It definitely helps to have someone to relate to like him. Joking with friends helps too.

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Excessive bruising and random heavy menstrual cycle led to bloodwork. I got sent to the hospital once they told me I had FOUR platelets.

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I’m not necessarily sure. My doctor did say it’s pretty fascinating that a form of chemo can be found in skincare like Accutane. There’s so many side effects to it like nausea, dizziness, and some life threatening cognitive issues, but it’s one of the most effective.