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PresentzAdvance25 karma

Ron Swanson jokes aside, how do you ever hope to sell this product outside of a very narrow niche ?

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aww, look at you doing an Openreach around !

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Have you met the One Who Walks Behind the Rows ? ....because he wants you too Malachi

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this - usually around 15 mins unless you have to crunch a massive hash for the likes of the MB/Higher end BMW, all of the rest of the makes the vin decode to immobilizer access is around 5 mins. Series of steps to add a key/clear existing ones and re-add with new is around 5 mins. Verification can take another 5 mins if things time out.

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sooo...50% of those interested expressed a desire to buy it. It's not terrible, I simply dont know how you are going to sell a fungus based bacon to the vast majority of red meat eaters.