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PrecariousClicker2039 karma

Now cable and phone companies are free to block.

This is by far the biggest issue. Everyone is up in arms that their Netflix/FB/Instagram might get throttled. But I don't think any ISP in their right mind would do that because they would either be facing riots or hemorrhaging customers. (Edit: see edit below)

Blocking information in the internet allows ISPs to manipulate and groom their customers for whatever agenda they want. This is beyond just a politics. This is a violation of 1st amendment rights.

Are you guys thinking along these lines?


Okay to clarify - they may not be hemorrhaging customers, but if you do anything to take entertainment away from Americans you will not have a good time. Its like the kid that wants candy at the grocery store. They are gonna start yelling and screaming to make a scene.

But my main point here is people seem so fixated on the Netflix/Fb/etc. But the real problem is that ISPs can now control knowledge/information. Now apply Murhy's law.