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I wish I had this problem, Kel

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I agree. I had always thought Pastor Phelps was yeah, a total hateful dick, but not towards black (for some reason I couldn't understand). It was always a bright mark on an otherwise blackened sheet. Now I know it was something bad then, too-- greed.

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I would like to ask this:

When your show was on, it, as well as My Brother and Me, struck me, as they all had loads of black actors and actresses, which was still kind of unique at the time for kids shows particularly. Do you feel that you helped open the door in any way? Prior to that, it was just Fresh Prince, the Cosby Show, and Family Matters, which seemed to cater to an older crowd. As a kid who grew up in the South, I found this remarkable. Do you think you were a trailblazer in any way, or that you helped open the door to other black child actors or actresses, notably in comedy?

Preciate your time!

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Darren Sharper did.

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Alabama will do that to ya.