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No soy rosa, soy rosa-ish.

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I always told my friend that I liked helping him and that I'd rather be involved than be in the dark because I feel better if I can help him when he's in need. And I'm sure he'd feel the same if our roles were swapped. He's gotten a lot more open with me about how he's doing and doesn't talk about being a burden anymore so maybe it helped. I've also said that seeing a professional is a part if treatment in the same way that getting physical therapy is after breaking a bone. A friend and a professional help in very different ways and sometimes they're both needed for the best outcome. They can't replace each other specifically because they fill very different roles in the person's life.

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I think the leading theory is that they're trying to provide food for you because they don't see you hunting and think you aren't eating. I think they're also trying to show you how to hunt.

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How do you usually go about asking the families? Is it in person, via email, etc? Or do they usually contact you? And have there ever been negative reactions from the family if/when you ask them? Or are most people okay with the idea?