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Who paid for the electricity?

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I am 1/4 navajo, and would like to get more involved in this part of my culture. According to the adults when i was younger, i was not welcome. Is this common?

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Lucky for me, i can start to pursue more knowledge now that I am an adult. My mother was half Navajo and half some sort of white, due to this, as the story was told to me, her mother chose to put my mother up for adoption, and stay with the tribe. My mother then lived as anyone else with her family. She had myself, and was trying to educate me in the history, and during this time I myself was adopted. So the road to find this information has been a difficult one.

However i am very interested in the the culture, and the people. I would like to learn more with a hands on approach, but i also do not want to be disrespectful. I also was under the impression that i was not welcome.

Thank you for you answering my questions. I wish you the best in your journey.

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Why are you picking and choosing which questions to answer?

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Are there a lot of backing tracks? Do they make all the noise that we hear on stage?

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