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You are so inspiring. "They are merely people seperated by a flag" is honestly a sentiment I feel most people don't understand. Thank you for your service!

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Which songs are you most proud of?

On a sidenote, I'm a huge Grateful Dead fan and I also think what you are doing now with EFF and the Freedom of the Press Foundation is admirable.

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Hello Dr. Stein! I'm a huge fan of yours, grew up in MA always hearing your name and now I get have the opportunity to vote for you in the first election I'm eligible to participate in! I noticed that CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla recently put Bernie Sanders on the Democratic ballot as a write-in candidate, something which Sanders himself doesn't support. Additionally, it is quite obvious from social media and polls that a large part of your support has been voters coming over after Sanders dropped out. Do you think this "write-in Bernie" campaign is an attempt to directly compete with you in those states? Thank you for your time, and for the great service you are doing whether people appreciate it or not!