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"Shit, guys, teds birthday is Friday, we really need to get this release out!"

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It's 2 AM, I'm lying in bed

Yeah but how's the salsa?

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Jerry Seinfed - makes comedy as hard for himself as possible - still becomes one of the most successful comedians ever.

Though tbh, I think challenging yourself like that because you truly care about what you're doing only helps you break new ground in the long run.

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I kind of feel Judge Judy is one of those exceptions. There may be some others. But either 1) you are owed money and she'll pay you, and you get to be on TV and get some righteous smugness like OP did about being right; or 2) you own money and someone else pays it for you, you get to be on TV, all for the expense of being yelled at by a stranger for a few minutes.

Imagine if every time you owed someone a few grand, you could instead choose to be laughed at on TV for 3 minutes and your debt would go away.

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Looks like you have some ground-breaking research on your hands.