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Do you think it would be an idea to crowdfund for the insurance money and/or legal fees? People would get fed for the next year, you'd be fine legally and you'd not be facing time.

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I know it's not the same but people bring keyboards to busk

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I'm assuming he graduated with student overdrafts from banks, which are real loans. They will give you thousands in overdrafts and credit cards as a student even if the actual student loans are easy.

Ultimately it's down to money management, but if you make a mistake at 18 you could end up paying for it the whole way through uni.

Source: have crippling student overdrafts and credit card bills haha

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Can I? I have an Irish accent and it only took a day for me to do a Rubik's cube

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My brother was diagnosed with CF when he was 16 (rare mutation where it doesn't affect pancreatic function too much, so he is okay for now). My mother, of course is supportive and does everything she can, she has said though that she wishes she never found out what it was because now she knows he is faced with a life limiting illness where before he was 'just sick'. Do you think it would be better not knowing?

Side note, not a question but it bothers me that we live in a country with the highest rate of CF patients and he was diagnosed so late despite presenting with symptoms.