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Is it ever possible for an alcoholic to successfully drink "normally" after nearly 3 months in rehab? My husband drinks daily still, but says rehab (2 years ago) taught him how to be more aware of when it will be a problem. He refuses to quit completely. He has not been "too drunk" since then.

I've been holding my ground that I'm not okay with it, but I honestly can't tell if I'm being paranoid because of the past and I should loosen up.

I know everyone is different (we are in therapy together), but knowing if it's "possible" may help... I just feel really hurt and confused, honestly. Everything support groups say tells me it's most likely a ticking time bomb, but I also feel like a bad partner for not being supportive.

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Thank you so much for that. I honestly feel fortified now. I will continue therapy with him, and I will be easier on myself if I end up concluding that the relationship will no longer work for me.

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I didn't spend a ton of time in the subreddit, but alanon on reddit helped me a bit, too. It was tough to read the experiences and questions that others were dealing with, but I also felt less alone.