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Mia Getlin/Lindsey Daniel - The OLCC has done a lot to help the industry in my opinion. They seem to care about the industry and making do with the limited money they are given. My question is, with Metrc becoming the dominate tracking CTS in the US, and it being rather awful, what are the government agencies doing in order to make sure that Metrc holds up their side of the bargain in creating a functional and usable service for not only the industry but third part integrators creating software that interacts with Metrc?

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Right now, METRC is the best. Biotrack seems dated and not able to handle things on a large scale. They are at least doing better the shitshow of MJ Leaf. I am unsure how they are even allowed to be around or why anyone would trust them or MJ Freeway after their multiple hacks and data loss for customers. What do you think it would take to get cannabis to follow the same system that either tobacco or alcohol do?

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How much do you pack with you when you travel? Do you have a general HQ that you go back to change clothes or equipment that you need for your next wave of places?