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Porcovich10 karma

Thank you for this. I have been dealing with depression/anxiety/other stuff for 10 years, lots of negatives with all that. It would be impossible (if i wanted to try) to explain to people that this stance is wrong without coming off as a 'boohoo, woe is me'. I've lived for 10 years with suicidal ideations and I've lost very close friends and family. Losing someone you love without a doubt causes more intense pain/suffering in the immediate future, but it just does not compare to having a mind that literally tells you to kill yourself every single day for years on end without no end in sight. Hearing people say that literally only detaches those who are struggling even more and can no doubt cause a lot more grief. We need more support for those in need, not 'how dare you even think about that, that would cause ME pain'.

Also, thank yall for all of the other hard work that you have put in. It really does mean a lot to know that other people are out there fighting for people like me when I'm still all too often struggling to even leave the house. <3