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What's your favourite car to drive in the real world?

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"I'm Jonathon and I'm a dinosaur!"

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Now I'm imagining Betty White, but with Chris Rock's eyes. If only I had the photoshop skills...

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Hi guys - been a fan since back when they were just "Talking about These", Daniel's little presentations from class (I think you were on the Digital Cowboys podcast back in the day?). Your show has been a great motivator behind my own move to start developing games!
I'm just curious - from your perspective, what's something the average core gamer would just take for granted in their gaming experience but which will be outdated and gone from sight sooner than we think? What aspects of the gaming experience are soon to reach the tipping point past which a whole new technical, artistic or cultural paradigm is inevitable?

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That is kinda close to just straight up being an Aristocrats joke.