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What is your most sacred symbol (abstract or concrete) and what does it mean to the Mayan people? What are some different gender roles, or how are family and work responsibilities divided between men and women? How do the Mayan people view their own society, generally? I'm not sure if, as a people they reflect upon the meaning or significance of their own society (westerners often view Mayan society as precious, exotic, maybe savage)? What sorts of plants or animals are important in Mayan culture? I realize and am sorry that these questions are somewhat vague and definitely off topic in the context of the OP. I have an extensive background in cultural anthropology.

Edit: I realize that there is great variation among and within Mayan societies. I was hoping for overarching commonalities.

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My SO inherited a tremendous amount of debt when his mother passed away a few years ago. He doesn't know who the lenders are and how to manage all of it. Is there any way to figure out exactly who it is that he owes money to?

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Oh man I would love to have seen that show

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Thanks for being so helpful. This does help. It gives us a jumping off point. It isn't student loan debt but rather Bank of America asking when his mother will resume payments. "She's dead" still hasn't sunk in even after three years.

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sigh sounds expensive