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In theory cleaning them on a regular basis again.

In practice, likely nothing until people forget and it becomes a major issue again.

I did see lots of people on St. Charles last night with rakes moving the collected dropped throws back into the street for the clean-up crew to get more readily. The problem with the beads comes from the grandstands and not being able to do any clean-up until after Mardi Gras is over.

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Quiet...they don't need more publicity.

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Can you explain the issue with city mandated credit card machines? The answer I always get it "oh, it's broken...let me use my Square app instead..." Is it a matter of when the payout happens or a percentage thing?

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As a passenger what should I do if I think the cab driver is doing something shady (taking a longer route to overcharge, trying to use Square, driving too erratically, etc)? should I just call 311 or are there other actions you would take?

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Example 1: when taking someone from the airport to an address in the Marigny on Elysian Fields, the far edge of the "airport rate", several cabs have now taken to going out I-610 to Elysian, flipping on the meter and then driving river-side of St. Claude to collect the extra fare. Three cab companies, five times in one year personally. All claimed that the fare started when they turned onto Elysian instead of turning off.

Example 2: trying to charge meter fare from Jazz fest to the upper Quarter (instead of the special $5/person rate) because the cabbie chose to hop up on I-10 "to bypass traffic".