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PoofThereGoesTheRoof11 karma

If other patients were affected negatively due to your actions, do you feel as though it was worth it? And if not, was it a risk you were willing to take in order to carry out your objective?

PoofThereGoesTheRoof7 karma

Thank you for your response. Clearly the preservation of human well being was in the backseat for this crusade for the preservation of human well being. I can admire your aggressive approach toward solving what you see as a major problem. That being said, it is only your intentions I can admire, because you saw your actions as a means to an end. The way we get to a conclusion is every bit as important as what conclusion we reach. Putting sick and disabled people at risk (even as a slim possibility) to get retribution for a single person just can't be seen as acceptable. You seem proud of your actions and I almost get the impression that you did it to prove something, to the world or yourself. That your over the top solution was actually just something done just to achieve some sense of personal accomplishment. Your motives cannot retain their just-nature when the implementation is as such. Plus if you want to really these hurt people, you aim for their wallets, not the essential services they provide to other people.