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You seriously don't look anywhere near being 90yo.

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Also check with your local wildlife and fisheries department. I know that here in FL they will assist you with stocking ponds, so a few minnows for a tank might not be out of the question.

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Why did you stop wireline? There's so much more room to move up and other avenues to take in the oilfield. You kinda get stuck at captain on a boat. Just curious. I'm betting it was the 24/7 on call and not sleeping for three days that did it though.

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www.rigzone.com keywords entry level. A degree will help get you on with schlumberger or baker hughes. Look for wireline jobs, HSE jobs, roustabouts, or MWD jobs.

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I hear ya. I left boots and coots right as hallabortion bought em out. I worked boats when I was 18 but wound up chasing the money onto the rigs. I'm a snubbing supervisor now and I'm set. Stay safe out there. Worst shit I ever seen was 25+ footers in the middle of winter. Broke a 10" poly line on a standby buoy three times. After that we said fuck it and ran weather patterns.