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While your story had a bit of a fairy tale ending, are you at all jaded that your success in the indie video game scene was the result of a random twist of fate? Does that make you discouraged with your future games, knowing that despite all your hard work, there's a good chance that they'll be overlooked by sheer coincidence?

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How are you doing? Do you feel safe?

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Really? Ours was too small! None of the five people we played with could wear it comfortably, it was like stretching a non-stretchy wool sock over your head. We ended up fashioning a black tee shirt as a makeshift balaclava which worked OK.

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Grab the oxycontin! Grab the painkillers! Seriously why does nobody go to the pharmacy on that show...

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Your game, "War On Terror" was in the background of the IT crowd, and it's honestly the whole reason I ended up researching (and purchasing) the game. How did your game get on the IT crowd? Did you contact them, did they contact you, or was it just random? It never occurred to me that you were a UK board gaming company, perhaps that had something to do with it? How did you react when you first found out?