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While everyone takes a moment to say "how cool is her job?", may I ask you:

Do you have a favorite elephant? Was there one character among all of the elephants that you have met? Please tell us about him/her.

My respect for your work is as enormous as their hearts.

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Thank you. I enjoyed your stories and will enjoy learning more about your work.

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Who do you have?

I'm marching for the Saints, this year.

Oh, when the Saints, go marching in...we're having Jambalaya and beignets!

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May I also answer?

  1. Yes
  2. that's two questions. Trump derangement syndrome appears a bit like the child who comes home from school and complains that he failed because everyone hates him because he is so much better. Patton said it best. "Judge me by my enemies".
  3. I like the Van Jones/Kutchner prison reform plan and the spotlight effect that has been brought to the issue of the Chinese and intellectual property problems.

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