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what did you major in?

How important is your undergrad major/gpa I'm double majoring in Econ/Conflict resolution studies with a possible minor in poly sci (depending on how the credits work out) I got a 3.9 gpa last semester but it only brought my overall gpa to a 2.4 because fuck klonopin. I should have at least a 3.0 by graduation, but I'm wondering its worth it to pay for and retake my first semester.

did you go BA and become analyst and work your way up or did you do an MA?

How did you get your internship?

Can I have $373 dollars? :D :D I promise only to get moderately drunk with this money.

Sorry, a lot of questions, thanks for answering. Oh also, one last thing, all else being equal, is calc I enough math to apply for analyst job? or do I need more?

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Tanks for the answer! 1 other question

I hear the AMA is using women in special forces, something the U.S doesn't even do, have you trained any women? Do you have anything of interest to say about the whole women-in-combat debate?

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Not sure if your still answering questions, but I thought I'd ask

How do you feel about the government in Kabul? When I read international watch dog groups the elections seem pretty undemocratic despite what Obama says, thus the ANA is the army of an authoritarian, corrupt, regime, have you ever heard of parts of the ANA hurting the population in any way?

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Damn, I have trouble enough with Spanish. Which Scandinavian languages?

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eh, sorry if I'm about to rain on anybody parade, but honestly, I think chemically they're pretty smiler. Most ravers are honest with themselves realizing that all their doing is temporarily altering the chemistry of their brains for good times.

The villagers on the other hand, are altering their brains chemistry in similar ways, they just like to pretend the experiences they are experiencing are somehow super-naturally endowed and will help them in their conscious life. Which I suppose is true to an extent, in that it helps cement into them an optimistic world view, which no doubt helps them in their concious

Sincerity in belief ≠ Truth. I pity the villager who breaks whatever drug fueled Taboo's this society has, and is punished for it.

Let the down votes commence! And of course, let me end with obligatory, no I'm not some sort of mega-racist who believes white people are better then the natives, I think White Spirituality is equally silly.