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Oh yes, I understand NK has bigger issues, just recent example I read about.

Will if the answer is politicians, we are in fact fucked.

I worked in politics for the last 22 years and see that is not the route for a climate solution here in the states. One of the reasons I left.

Won't comment on politicians in other countries as I have no direct experience but I do have my judgements.

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Realistically, how fucked are we?

North Korea is facing food shortages because of drought.

Wheat, corn and soy seemed to be heavily affected by drought and flooding in USA, China, Russia and somewhat in brasil.

Mediterranean climates, like California, which produce vast amounts of the veggies, fruits and nuts we all eat are also suffering.

Soon countries are going to limit their exports of all those foods (I belive Vietnam is already limiting rice exports and Russia is limiting wheat exports). Is there the capacity and economics to support adjusting food production to continue to feed the nearly 8 billion people on this planet?