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I'm an Israeli and I'll even welcome economic sanctions if they are designed to push my retard government to an honest negotiation process to end this tragic conflict.

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I'd say there's still a majority that generally wants a two state solution. Even moderate right wing parties like likud have to at least pretend to be peace seekers. But since most of us are living comfortably and don't feel the pressure of the occupation, we're reluctant to pay major prices or take big risks to achieve it.

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What value do you offer to someone who follows blogs and articles regularly (or reads from curated lists like hacker news)? How is a print magazine a better/different experience and what can your individual writers bring to the table that the Internet hive mind doesn't?

Please read this as a curious inquiry into your perspective on this rather than a criticism.

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I just recently visited the small museum inside the windmill in Leiden and I was very impressed.

In the Leiden windmill some rooms were furnished as a home and I got the impression the Miller would typically house his family in it. Maybe I'm wrong, but still it has a lot of space!

From your comments I see you don't live there. What do you do with all the rooms in your windmill?

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Other wives and/or other foods. Especially and/or.