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PointClickDave90 karma

I liked the "animate". You actually drew me a commission way back (a picture of me kicking Piers Morgan in the testes (and now he's America's problem, hahaaaaa...)) and one for my mate. It was just a doodle of him with the words "Fuckin' Awesome".

He passed away recently. He had that picture as his profile picture on MSN and a bunch of stuff for about two years, never changed it. We both loved your stuff and he was super happy you did that, even if it was a commission. Thanks for doing that, I know it was for cash and everything, but I figure this is the only way I can thank you for him.

So thanks :)

PointClickDave45 karma

How do you feel about Lemon 'n' Bill not being as close to how popular your other series' are?

I was always a fan and felt they deserve much more attention.

PointClickDave1 karma

I love all your work, Pip, but "Domestic Silence" is pretty special to me. Was there a story or genesis for that song for you?

Also, you were at Colt Cabana and Brendon Burns' fringe show last year the same night I was, you dig wrestling or comedy or both??