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This reminds me of something my dad told me about. My family is also from the Soviet Union and my father always tells this great story about once getting his hands on a barrel of butter off the black market that they split amongst the family with a shovel. I'm sure they then kept part of it to trade/barter when needed.

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"Luxury" goods were a hot commodity lol.

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Given the rate of technological development, what age do you believe people that are young (20 and under) today will live to?

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Hey there, thanks for taking the time out to assuage our fears a bit.

My question has to do with relative difficulties. I've heard that Barbri MBE questions are more difficult than the actual ones, on average. Would you say this is true from your experience. Also, on a similar note, do the prep programs grade essays harder than the actual graders?

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Fair enough, thanks! Time to drill down on my essays then.