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Poekie934 karma

25/F/The Netherlands here. After gastric bypass surgery, i lost 85 KG (About 187 LBS if I converted it right). I used to weigh 170 KG (about 375 LBS). I have a lot of loose skin, and the PS here adviced "fleur de lies" surgery, (with a scar running all around me to do the back as wel) and to use the skin left under my armpits (like what is under the side of my bra) for a breast enhancement? Like, to tuck that in my boobs as a way to get the volume back, cause they are completely empty.

What is your advice/take on this? What kind of surgery would you recommend? And, advice on pregnancy around this topic? Im 25, want to have kids, but not yet. The skin is really bothering me, both mentally and physically.

Sorry for my horrible English, not a native speaker.