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Not now bot.

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I was there last December for my grandfather's service. It is hard to phrase the compliment I want to pay but you all were awesome.

During a quiet part of the service a pin fell from one of the guards. I heard it and enjoyed watching him make eye contact with a few others there. I think someone else stealthily nabbed it before the procession, my memories are kind of a blur.

Is there a reprimand when something like this happens? I hope it wasn't bad, the dude felt terrible, you could see it.

Be proud of what you do, it was an honor for us to see it.

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Didn't know about military Monday. Here they do first responder /wildland firefighter whenever you show your red-card. Stack that with taco Tuesday and you are in and out under $3.

Also my grandfather was laid in the national cemetery last December. I appreciate everything you all did. It was incredible.

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Lol. Plenty of non whites in Arlington.

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Washington redskins, big deal or not?