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out of my ... cold ... dead .... hands

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Tesla makes the juice free to Model S drivers. Quite nice of them. The charging infrastructure is kinda like a part of the vehicle.

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The longest distance between Superchargers is about 150 miles. Usually it is more like 120.

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The Tesla Model S performed perfectly. So this vehicle did everything it was supposed to. The chief problem with EVs overall, however, is fueling. Finding places in public to charge quickly. The word "quickly" is important. The public EV charging stations out there are overwhelmingly (99%) the "Level 2" type that take 4+ hours to charge a smaller capacity battery like those found in a Nissan LEAF. The LEAF range is under 100 miles per charge. So you can see the issue. Imagine you wanted to take a 200 mile journey. You have to plan for a wicked charging layover.

Teslas have bigger batteries. The Tesla Superchargers charge the Model S to a 200+ mile range in a little over 30 minutes. Tesla provides the juice free to Tesla owners. They just recently (October 31) opened up a corridor from Mexico to Canada making the trip I took possible.

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You pretty much stay on the Supercharger corridor. But there is definitely room to deviate. I'd say you could play around with 30-50 miles between locations, sometimes more, depending on how they are spaced. I was trying to get home by Thanksgiving, so I made a beeline.