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As an heirloom tomato grower, this has me laughing on the outside, with a secondary feeling of being stabbed on the inside.

Truly a master of your craft

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the reality is that nuance is dead, I'm a dual citizen in the State's and feel that Corporate America and businesses that exploit the low wages of undocumented migrant workers are mostly to blame with the current issues around illegal immigration and conflating the debate with people who seek out the proper work visa's and comply with all requirements for temporary residence. The reality is that illegal immigration is on a downward trend, so the rage as a result of it seems post dated. The reality is also, if you help the undocumented workers, instead of causing them to further go underground, it does help the environment for immigrants in general.

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Schwarzenegger has been working for solutions on this, one of his collaborative ideas is removing the politicians from the process, and placing it in a neutral body. I think there was a ballot initiative in California this last election.