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Can't watch yet but definitely will.

Are you traveling with a US passport?
How did you get the visa?
Could you speak any Korean? What did you want to find out about them but couldn't find out?

This is exactly what I would want to do but I'm Indian in America so would be curious how I would be treated.

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Hey Dirtbag (Fellow Long Beach State player here)

How do you feel the attention on the shift by lefties this year will affect your play?

Do you ever talk trash to the 3rd base coaches?

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Who should I believe, you or Joe Isuzu?

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Whoa whoa whoa there. Hold the presses. Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins shack up? OMG. Where can I get me some of this?

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Hi Nina.

The family can't listen to anything legal without hearing your voice. Take THAT law and order!

Is it possible that the Citizens' United decision has any unintended consequences you may not have covered?

How well do you get to know any of the SCOTUS? If you have, could you classify any of them as strictly apolitical in their approaches? I suppose it could be without knowing them, but I've always wondered what their political voice is like.