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No there aren't any micro transactions. This was a REALLY big decision for me to make. Modern day guides to iOS revenue say that Free to play with micro transactions generate the most money.. I think it really boils down to the type of game.

In the end, I felt like my game didn't fit the "free2play" genre and I thought I'd try to go old school without micro transactions.

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Ya I think the game is pretty complex. I decided right from the start the start the this game would be way too niche for it to ever go nuclear. But I think half the fun when making a game is making something cool for yourself right?!

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Hey redthoughtful.

I'm SO sorry it's crashing for you. An update was sent to apple that fixes that bug yesterday morning. (It took me forever to find that bug because I didn't have access to a high-res iPad during development). It should get updated on wed/thurs of this coming week. MY HEART IS ALL CLENCHY THAT IT CRASHED FOR YOU!! =(

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Hey duyaw,

I made a ton of mistakes hah Hmm.. I'd say the top 3 are:

  • Underestimating how much time "polish" takes. Little details like subtle animations, how sounds interact with music etc. Polish is incredibly important and many games feels/looks really ugly without it. I wish i knew this in advance and did it along the way. Instead of the "oh i'll just do it at the end"

  • Underestimating how difficult it is to balance games: Most games have a bunch of variables that affect it's difficulty. Things like monster hp, monster speed, player speed, played hp, player damage, upgrade trees etc. Each variable exponentially increase balance difficulty. I wish I had made it simpler.

  • Not doing any marketing stuff until after the game was done. This is hard. I'm not good at selling things to people that they don't want. I always believed that if a game was "good" it would sell itself. Sadly, I don't know if I believe this anymore hah

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Thanks for the support! I think the "learning" process never ended. Trying to figure out even the simplest problems took forever!